As brands deepen their embrace of data and technology, it's equally important we deepen our humanity. 

Human-centered marketers serve people, not addressable markets, audiences, cohorts, or segments.  On the other side of that mobile screen, app, call center is a human being.

We lead with empathy, remembering that people have uniquely personal needs and motivations.   As people, we want to feel safe; to belong; to feel seen and loved; to matter.  Empathy is a growth strategy in an increasingly diverse population.

We embrace "Do > Say."  A brand's behavior – the experiences it creates; its packaging; the quality of the customer-support team; the functionality of its website – speak louder than words.


We remember what's true in life should be true in marketing – how we form personal relationships should guide how we form customer relationships.  The 4E's of personal relationships – Empathy, Experiences, Endorsement and Energy  – create a an actionable framework.


The goal of a brand is to drive enduring, profitable growth.  We design strategies that deliver relevant differentiation.  Relevance drives volume; differentiation creates pricing power.